Friday, March 2, 2018

GM EMD's 6-axle Locomotive Specifications - from the late 1960s

In the late 1960s, one could send off a letter requesting information about a commercial product and receive a nicely illustrated information package by return mail. GM EMD was kind enough to send - in reply to an 11 year old kid's letter - a large technical booklet (undated), describing the features of its new line of second generation diesel locomotives. 

Here are the specifications for EMD's six-axle units from that booklet.

*  *  *

Here are statistics on the production of these models - before they were supplanted by the Dash 2 line.

from: The Second Diesel Spotter's Guide; Jerry A Pinkepank; 1980; Kalmbach Publishing.
... If you're wondering, BC Hydro 381 (built 1971) was an SD38AC.

... the art of the late 1960s could be rather sparse.