Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Summer, Thunder Bay, Canadian Northern

A few photos taken during a summer afternoon at Thunder Bay, 1995.

Thunder Cape from Thunder Bay Harbour

Detail on the Canadian Northern Railway (original builder) Port Arthur station.

Canadian Northern Railway (builder) Port Arthur station, south side.

from: The Boston Transcript, January 2 1902.

Unused postcard circa 1905
The stub end of the track in front of the station is interesting. The Canadian Northern mainline between Winnipeg and Port Arthur (via Fort Frances) was officially opened on January 1, 1902. 

(The Canadian Northern Railway was not granted running rights over the CPR between Port Arthur and Current River until 1910. The section of the Canadian Northern line between Port Arthur and Capreol - via Hornepayne and Oba - was officially opened on January 1, 1914.)

The Canadian Northern's prairie origins and orientation can be observed in the following advertisement from 1905.

from Railway and Shipping World, January 1905