Wednesday, April 28, 2021

1917 Construction Details of the Greater Winnipeg Water District Aqueduct, Part 1

Jim Christie sent me a nice selection of articles on the construction of the GWWD from his research through old professional journals found at Back then, in 2015, I told Jim that I intended to produce a piece about the GWWD's construction. Subsequently, the article reference emails resided in their own special GWWD folder and they silently mocked my inaction for 6 years. 

Fortunately, the technology has improved in the intervening years. Rather than giving you a hash of my impressions of the articles, I can easily post the original sources. I have tried to make them a little easier to read and, when appropriate, I have tried to make the details of the muddy old photos a little clearer - presenting them below the article pages in an enlarged format.

For those not familiar with the GWWD, the route it takes is shown on the 1994 highway map, below.

Official Explorer's Highway Map; 1994; Manitoba.

The first three articles of the series follow. The next post will complete the series.

The links to the original journal articles (in copy and paste format) appear below. In some cases, you may need to scroll down to the first page of the article - the number in the link, e.g. 175, indicates the first page. There are also interesting surprises to be found if you choose to scroll beyond these particular articles.

Here is the link to the next post featuring these articles: