Friday, June 24, 2016

CNR 1982 Bayview GO Trains and a 1961 Timetable

The photos of this post show some of the wide variety of GO Transit equipment operating through Bayview Jct, Ontario in July 1982. 

After the photos, an employee timetable from 1961 shows the traffic on the Oakville Sub through Bayview in 1961 - just after the end of steam and before the birth of GO Transit.

A GP40-2 and a CNR GP40 lead a westbound GO train to Bayview.

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Probably trailing the same power from the photo above, an eastbound GO train passes.
The lead unit is an FP7A from 1951, equipped with an alternator to provide hotel power to cars.

A control car leads a westbound toward Hamilton. 

An F40PH is pushing the control car as it reaches Bayview.

This Tempo equipment combination was used in southwest Ontario. 
An RS-18 with an alternator added, accelerates east from Bayview.

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A map of the Bayview area from 1967 - north is skewed clockwise a little.

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An Employee Timetable of the Oakville Sub from 1961

From an Official Guide from 1958 are the routes/identities of the trains (above) which were listed that year.
Probably, there was some reorganization of trains after all use of steam locomotives ceased.

5   The LaSalle - Halifax to Chicago (Pool train, Montreal to Toronto)
9   Toronto to Windsor
15  International Limited - Montreal (CPR Windsor Station) to Chicago (Pool train, Montreal to Toronto)
17  Inter-City Limited - Halifax to Chicago (Pool train, Montreal to Toronto)
75  Forest City, Toronto to London
83  Toronto to Windsor
101 Toronto to Niagara Falls
183 Toronto to Windsor

CP 321-329 Toronto to Buffalo

Below: Again, the eastbound segments of certain trains were pooled Toronto to Montreal.

6    Inter-City Limited - Chicago to Montreal 
14  International Limited - Chicago to Montreal
18  Windsor to Montreal
20  The Maple Leaf  - Chicago, London, Toronto
80  London to Toronto
82  Sarnia to Toronto
108 Niagara Falls to Toronto
118 Windsor to Montreal

CP 322-328 Buffalo to Toronto

Below, are the local footnotes for the Bayview area.