Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Theresa and Rolly Martin

I am very grateful to Bill Needham, Rolly's colleague and friend at Schreiber, for taking the time to telephone this afternoon.

He had the sad news that Theresa Martin had passed away earlier this month.

I have put together a few photos in case any of Rolly and Theresa's friends would like to have them.

Rolly and Theresa outside the Crysler home at Upper Canada Village in July 1990.

We also visited the Rideau Canal - which was built in 1832.

The dark bridge above the lock gates carried the Grand Trunk Railway. 
The Montreal to Toronto section of the railway opened in 1856.

Today CNR and VIA trains operate between Montreal and Toronto over this same bridge.

In this photo, Rolly and Theresa were getting ready to leave our home near Kingston and continue west.

Rolly and Theresa were always very hospitable when we visited.
Here is their garden and their church.

Here Susan stands with Rolly and Theresa just before our departure.