Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lake Louise circa 1920-1930

The postcard image above is indicated to be circa 1930 in a local history of the area.

The enclosed swimming pool may have had a rather short period of use in this often cool summer climate.

We stayed on the fourth floor of the wing at the left during the 1980s 
and it offered the 'original wilderness chateau experience' of: 
no air conditioning, no TV and an opening door onto the tiny balcony.

It was nice, unspoiled and very quiet.

There was a major fire in one of these buildings during the mid-1920s, so this photo may be circa 1920.

Some of the buildings would have been staff residences, 
but one certainly gets the impression that a wide variety of accommodation was  available.

These two postcards were neither dated nor mailed.