Sunday, October 25, 2015

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Exploring Canadian railways, technology, et cetera.

Lachine Peas
Quebec Artifacts and Curiosities

From below the level of a poling pocket,
David J Gagnon salutes you ...

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  • Our 'human experience' in history after the Industrial Revolution. 
  • Books and other artifacts. 
  • New communication and energy generating technologies. 
  • The natural world and human nature. 
  • Efficient systems.


All this happened, more or less. We lived in Montreal until I was 12, but it seems clear I should have been left behind. High school was spent memorizing a Thoreau quote. The railway and health care are good occupations to be 'from'. I would like to have seen Montana. So it goes.

Other blogs which are updated occasionally,
but please don't get your heart set on it.

Turcot Yard
Some aspects of Montreal railroading pre-1970

Chanson de Craonne
Some research into the Great War, 1914-1918

Geneva PQ
Exploring historical features of Argenteuil and neighbouring counties, and presenting a few photographs of my relatives and ancestors who called this area home.

Lac Saguay 1949-1964
'Aux alentours du Lac Saguay' ... My grandfather, his home at Lac Saguay.