Friday, July 6, 2018

Vancouver in September 1950

In September 1950, LC Gagnon saw the famous MWD weather bird in Vancouver! Kitsch and style of the 1950s, and a visit to a rich uncle, are featured during this installment of his CPR Company pass visit to the west coast.

LC Gagnon at Whytecliff Park, Vancouver, BC, September 1950.
(photo by Robert Armstrong)

No description.
Obviously this is a meat packing plant ...
somewhere between Seattle and Portland.

Vancouver, Washington.

The Willamette River.

Portland, Oregon.
The car on the sidewalk is heading for the parking garage.
The woodie at the right is waiting for surfboards?

When in Portland, LC Gagnon stays at the Heathman ... it's still there in 2018.

*  *  *

Back in Vancouver BC ...

The CPR Hotel Vancouver.

The Gray Line tour bus stops at Stanley Park.

As bad as this looks, the 374 was unfenced and in rougher shape when we saw it in 1982. (It's now under cover.)
Earlier in this trip my father also photographed The Countess of Dufferin at the CPR Winnipeg station.

A relative from Lachute, Quebec, 'Uncle Abbie Armstrong' left for the west coast when he was young. He became half of the thriving Vancouver contracting firm of Armstrong and Monteith. On a Sunday afternoon, my father dropped by Abbie's house on Newton Wynd and got the tour of their estate. Abbie's son Robert showed him around the Vancouver area for the afternoon. My father was back for supper and they dropped him off at the Hotel Georgia that night.

The MWD weather bird!
Official Forecast: Sunny today.

The Maritime Building rises behind.

Guessing from the hood ornament ... Robert Armstrong may be driving a 1940 Oldsmobile.

Going through Stanley Park.

Over the Lions Gate Bridge.

... It's a toll bridge.

*  *  *

On the following day, September 18, 1950, 
my father was headed back for the train home.

The Hudson's Bay store is in the foreground, the Hotel Vancouver is behind.

The Davie bus is seen in front of the Hotel Georgia.

Somewhere else, the Cambie bus is spotted.

Look at the fancy SUV to the right!
With that full-sized spare stored on its rear, it must be the Limited Touring Edition!
It's also got energy-absorbing bumpers.

Notice that the owner sprang for the Rear Brake Light Technology Package
... no more arm signals when you slow down!!

... just when you turn.